Dear SNA Members,


New Year Greetings from TNAI Headquarters!


May this year be the year of blessings and prosperity for all of us from the Lord Almighty. May God inspire us to work with dedication, commitment and compassion. Let this year bring personal and professional growth and progress to each and everyone.


The XXVII SNA Biennial Conference 2017 will be held at GMCANA  Auditorium, Guntur Medical College Campus, Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) from 29 November 2017 to 3 December 2017 (Pre-conference meetings: 29-30 November 2017; Inauguration of Conference: 1 December 2017; Valedictory: 2 December 2017; Sight-seeing: 3 December 2017).  We request all State branches to plan and work on State Level Competitions and wholeheartedly co-operate with the host branch to make it a grand success. Additional relevant information will appear periodically in the forthcoming issues of the Nursing Journal of India, TNAI Bulletin and TNAI website



The theme of the Conference is: “Empowering Nurses through Advanced Technology”.


A.   Participation of SNA Delegates in SNA National Biennial Conference


(i) Management of SNA: The governing body of the SNA shall be the Council of TNAI which will receive the recommendations of the General Committee of the SNA Conference  for consideration.


The SNA General Committee of SNA shall consist of:


a) President of TNAI or one of the Vice Presidents if the President wishes to delegate this responsibility

b) Vice-Presidents of SNA State branches

c) Hony. Treasurer of TNAI

d) National SNA Advisor who must be a Life member of TNAI

e) State branch SNA Advisors

f) Secretaries of the SNA State branches

g) Secretary-General, TNAI

The General Committee shall meet once in a year at the time of TNAI Council meeting. One-fifth or 15 members form a quorum.


They shall assist in the enrolment of student nurses to the SNA and the formation of SNA unit in every training centre and help student nurses to realize the importance of becoming Life members of TNAI on completion of their training.


(ii)    SNA General Body


The SNA General body at the national level shall comprise of:

a) Members of SNA General Committee

b) Three representatives from each unit viz., SNA Vice President, SNA Secretary and SNA Advisor

c) All SNA Delegates attending the conference

d) One ANM student from each State (as an Associate member) since 2007.


The General Body Meetings: The General Body meeting of the Association shall be held at the time of the SNA Conference.

The President, TNAI shall preside over the SNA Meetings. SNA office bearers of the host branch shall conduct the SNA meetings along with the President.


Agenda items from the Branches should be sent to National SNA Advisor at least two months before the General Committee meeting.


Resolutions passed at the General committee and General Body meetings shall be forwarded by the National SNA Advisor of the Student Nurses Association to concerned authorities and TNAI Council for consideration. The action taken by the Council and other concerned authorities shall be forwarded by the National SNA Advisor of the Student Nurses Association to the State SNA Vice-Presidents, Secretaries and the State Branch SNA Advisors.


Nominate representatives from your State / Unit SNA, who would be able to take part in discussions and participate in all the meetings, sessions and functions and contribute valuably.  The representative chosen by you should be well informed of the Unit activities to present a clear and concise report, and be one who could give a good report to the Branch/Unit on return. The representatives (delegates) should be thoroughly conversant with the SNA Rules & Regulations and Byelaws, etc., to be able to contribute and take part in various issues discussed. 


B. SNA Competitions

1. The Scientific Paper Presentation will be based on the Conference theme.

2. Debate on “Power conflict and Challenges in Empowerment of Nurses”

3. Quiz competition on various Nursing subjects including General Knowledge.

4. Essay Competition

5. Poster Presentation

6. On-the-Spot Painting

7. Floor Decoration (Rangoli)

8. Sports: The events are: 100 Meters Race/ Discus throw and Javelin throw.

9. Personality Development Competitions (Mr. SNA and Miss SNA)

10. Biennial SNA Diary Evaluation 2017 will be based on (2015 & 2016)

11. Talent Night

Criteria for the Competitions

1. Scientific Paper Presentation: The Scientific Paper Presentation will be made by   the Student Nurses on the Conference theme.


1.  The paper should contain Introduction, Need and significance in Nursing, Statement of the Problem, Objectives, Review of Literature, Brief description of Methods and Procedures, Findings and Interpretation to be placed in one or two tables, Recommendation, Conclusion and Bibliography.

2. One hard copy and soft copy in CD of the Scientific Paper containing not more than 1500 words (4-5 pages in A-4 size) should be submitted to the State SNA Advisor by 31 July 2017, before the State SNA Conference of the respective State.

3. Best three Scientific Papers, selected at the State Level have to be forwarded by the State SNA Advisor to the TNAI Headquarters by 31 August 2017 for final evaluation at national level.

The author(s) of Best papers, selected by the TNAI Headquarters will be intimate to the presenter for presentation at National Level SNA Conference 2017.


2. Debate: “Power Conflict Challenges the Empowerment of Nurses”. Two participants (one to ‘support’ and one another to ‘oppose’) will be allowed from each State which may be either in Hindi or English. Time allotted will be  5 minutes (First bell at 4 minutes and Final bell at 5 minutes).


3. Quiz Competition: Quiz competition on various Nursing subjects including General Knowledge.


General Rules

(i)       Direct questions will get 10 marks.

(ii)      Pass on questions will get 5 marks.

(iii)    Direct questions will have 30 seconds for answering and no extra time will be allowed for pass on questions.

(iv)     First answer from each team will be entertained.

(v)      Scorer will be there and score will be displayed on a board.

(vi)     The decision of the Quiz masters at the National level will be the final.


Six Teams/ 3 members per team


a.    Preliminary Round for all – 25 MCQ questions

b.    30 minutes will be given – Put tick mark (    ) against correct answer.

c.    On the basis of the result, top 6 teams will be selected.

Round One (Passing round) – General Round

a.    Current affair round

b.    Sports round Cinema round 

c.    Literature round

Round Two (Passing round)

a.    Audio Round – One audio for each team

b.    Audio related to medical / nursing conditions

Round Three (Non-passing round) – Subject round

          Five (5) questions per team

          Subjects :-

a.    Medical surgical Nursing

b.    Child Health Nursing    

c.    OBG Nursing    

d.   Mental Health Nursing    

e.    Community Health Nursing

Round Four (Passing round) – Visual Round

One question per team

Round Five (Non Passing round) – Rapid Fire Round

Ten questions per team (Max 1 minute for 10 questions)


4. Essay Competition: Only one individual entry either in Hindi or English will be permitted from each State. The topic will be given just before the commencement of the competition. Words limit is 1000. Candidate can write in Hindi or English. Evaluation is done by 3 experts.  Time allotted will be one hour.


     Criteria for Evaluation: Introduction; Relevance to the Topic; Organization of the content (Grammar, Language, Vocabulary, Spelling); Use of Examples and Current Trends; Implications; Conclusion.


5. Poster Presentation


The criteria for Poster Presentation


Size: Standard size (22"x26") approx. for both individual and group poster presentation.

Topics: Ideas depicted in the poster should be relevant to the topics given above. Lettering and design of the poster should be bold and big enough to be seen from a distance.

Clarity: For bringing clarity of the poster, restrict yourself to one idea relevant to the topic.

Layout of pictures in the poster must be properly balanced to give a correct sense of proportion.

No Extra fixing of clippings/cuttings or any other form on the poster.

The poster should depict originality and innovative ideas.


Topics for Poster Presentation



Category Code



Mode of Presentation




MCH Section

 Dehydration in Children: ANMs Responsibilities


Sr. Elizabeth Shield




Promotion of Institutional deliveries


Ms H. Chabook Shield



Anatomy and Physiology

 Structure of Eye


Indira Dorabji cup



First Aid & Basic

Nursing Procedures

 First Aid Management in Poisoning


Dufferin cup-1



Medical & Surgical


Organ Donation : Nurses’ Responsibilities


Ms Edith Paul Shield




Paediatric Nursing

 Neonatal Resuscitation


Dufferin cup-4



Psychiatric Nursing

Primary Prevention


Pramda Bajaj Shield



Community Nursing

Bioterrorism Preparedness


General Chakravarty cup



Obstetrical Nursing

 Monitoring fetal well being



Dettol Shield

(1st Prize)

Mac Naughton

Lamp (2nd Prize)



SNA Activities in India

 SNA: Preparing Future Leaders


Ms. Adranvala Shield



History & Trends in Nursing in India

 Trends in Nursing Documentation




Section 1-2 are for ANM students / MPHW (F) students.

Section 3-9 are for GNM/B.Sc Nursing Students.

Section 10-11 are for all categories (ANM/GNM/BSc) Nursing students.


6.On-the-Spot Painting: The topic will be announced just before the competition.  Only one individual entry will be permitted from each State.  Participants should bring their own painting materials, the organisers will provide only the paper. No Mechanical devices, e.g. use of stencils, etc. will be permitted.  Time allotted will be One Hour.

7. Floor Decoration (Rangoli): The size is 3x3 feet.  Participants will bring their own material.  No mechanical devices e.g., use of stencils etc. will be allowed.  Theme/Topic will be given on the spot. Only one individual entry will be permitted from each State.  Time allotted for Rangoli will be Two Hours.

8. Sports: The events are: 100 Meters Race/ Discus throw and Javelin throw.  Competitions for these events will be held separately for male and female contestants. The entries selected at the state level are to be sent by the State SNA Advisor to the TNAI Headquarters for national level competition.

9. Personality Development Competitions: As per the Minute No.SNA/G.C./37/2007/5 (ii) Mr. and Ms. SNA Beauty Pageant Competition has been renamed as Personality Contest. The best entries (one female and one male) selected at the state level are to be sent by the State SNA Advisor to the TNAI Headquarters for national level competition.

10.Biennial SNA Diary Evaluation for (2015 & 2016)

a) Unit Level: SNA units should record the activities and to be signed by the unit SNA Secretary and unit SNA Advisor and the same to be forward to the State SNA Advisor for evaluation by 31 July 2017.

b) State Level: After receiving the SNA Diary from each unit it should be evaluated at the State level. The State SNA Advisor should write remarks and with the  seal and signature then, the two outstanding diaries from each State should be sent to the TNAI Headquarters by 31 August 2017 for the final evaluation.


Criteria: These diaries are assessed keeping in view the various unit activities, viz., professional, educational, extra-curricular, social, cultural and recreational. Proper maintenance of diary is another criterion.  In general the focus of assessment is on the diversity of activities carried out by the units as reflected in the Diary.  SNA to TNAI membership enrollment for two years.     


Note: Since 1988 [Minute No. SNA-GC/18/88/3(i)], Diaries of MPHW(F)/ ANM students are evaluated separately.


11. Talent Night: Each State will be given one item for presentation at the national level.  Only one best folk (or) classical dance either individual or group (not more than 8 members) from each State will be accepted for competition at the national level.  Time: 3 Minutes for Classical and 7 minutes for Folk Dance.




Problem Statement:__________________________________________________________________


Names of the Student Researcher(s) (in CAPITAL LETTERS):___________________________




Name of the Guide:___________________________________________________________________


Course & Year of Study:______________________________________________________________


SNA Unit Address & State:____________________________________________________________


Last SNA Unit Subscription Paid on: TNAI Receipt No.___________Date:_________________


Entry Fee: Rs.100/-(Individual Entry)______sent by D.D./Paid in cash_______(tick as applicable)


Date:______________                                              Receipt No:_________________________




This is to certify that the above mentioned research is a bonafide work of the student(s) who is/are member(s) of the above SNA Unit and have paid its subscription for the year 2017.


The Scientific Paper was contested at the State Level Competition and selected for presentation at the National Level.  To the best of my knowledge this paper will be presented for the first time at the National Level.



___________________                                                               _______________________________

Student(s) Signature                                                    Seal & Signature of Principal SON/CON


Forwarded by:


___________________                                                               ________________________________

Signature of Unit SNA Advisor                           (Seal and Signature of the State SNA Advisor)



Topic of the Poster:___________________________________________________________________


Category Code:__________________________________Section Code:_________________________


Name of the Student Artist(s) (In Capital Letters):_______________________________________




Course & Year of Study________________________________________________________________


SNA Unit Address & State:_____________________________________________________________


Last SNA Unit Subscription Paid on:____________________________________________________


TNAI Receipt No.____________________________              Date _____________________________


Entry Fee:Rs.25/-(individual entry)___________  Rs.50/-(group entry)__________________ sent by

D.D. (tick (√  ) as applicable)


Date:_______________________                                       Receipt No.:_____________________



This is to certify that the above mentioned exhibit is a bonafide work of the student (s) who is/are member(s) of the above SNA Unit and have paid their subscription for the year 2016-2017.


The exhibit was contested at the State level competition and selected for display at the National level.  To the best of my knowledge this exhibit will be displayed for the first time at the National level.


__________________                                                       ________________________________

Student(s) Signature                                         (Seal and Signature of the State SNA Advisor)



1.            No Exhibition form will be entertained after October 31, 2017.


2.            All the exhibits are to be registered.  Registration fee is Rs.25/-(individual entry) and Rs.50/- for (group entry) per exhibit.  The money should be sent by D.D. payable at the Trained Nurses’ Association of India, L-17, Florence Nightingale Lane, Green Park, New Delhi – 110016. Use separate form for each entry.


3.            Name of the exhibitor and the SNA Unit should not appear on the exhibit.


4.            Each exhibit must be accompanied by a card bearing: (i) Name of Exhibitor; (ii) Name of SNA Unit; (iii) Topic of the Exhibit; (iv) Category & Section; (v) Size of the exhibit should be strictly adhered to or else exhibit may be disqualified for competition. The size for both individual and group poster presentation will be same i.e. one standard size poster  22” x 26” inches approx.


5.            Completed form(s) (with signature of the State SNA Advisor) alongwith entry fee to be sent to the TNAI, L-17, Florence Nightingale Lane, Green Park, New Delhi – 110016.  Entry fee payable to the Trained Nurses’ Association of India.


6.            For each poster presentation only one entry, either individual or group will be allowed from each State.


7.            Group entry should not have more than three students.


NOTE: In any group item, each contestant should give his/her name & address in the entry form, for issuing merit certificates.









Competition item (s):                                                     Please Tick ( √ )

1.          On-the-Spot Painting {    }

2.          Floor Decoration        {    }

3.          Debate (English/Hindi)  {   }

4.          Eassy Competition (English/Hindi)  {   }

5.          Quiz Competion {   }

6.          Personality Contest (Mr.SNA & Miss.SNA)   {    }

7.          Sports: 100m Race  {    }  (Male/Female),   Discuss Throw {   } (Male/Female) &

                          Javeline Throw {    } (Male/Female).

8.          Talent Night {    }

Participant(s) has/ have competed at State level: Yes/No.   Tick ( √  ) as applicable)

Name of Individual Participant____________________________________________

Names of Group Participants ______________________________________________


Name and Address of the SNA Unit:________________________________________


SNA Unit Subscription Fee Paid on ___________________ TNAI Receipt No._______________

Entry Fee: Rs.25/- (individual entry) _________ and Rs.50/-(group entry) __________

Sent by D.D.  Tick (  √   ) as applicable)

Date____________________________      Receipt No._______________________



This is to certify that the above stated competition item(s) has/have been competed at the State level and qualified for entering at the National level competition.  The competitor(s) is/are from SNA Unit which has paid subscription for 2016-2017.


__________________                                      _________________________________

Student(s) Signature                              (Seal and Signature of the State SNA Advisor)



1.    Every institution should have SNA units and paid the subscription fee for the period of 2016-2017.

2.    All entries must have competed at the State level.  Only one entry from each State/UT should be sent for the National competition.

3.    In Debate and Essay competition, only one entry either in English or Hindi will be allowed from each State.

4.    In any group item, only  three participants will not be permitted to participate from each State.

5.    Entry fee for  Individual entry  is  Rs.25/- and Rs.50/-for group entry. The money to be sent through Demand Draft in favour of  the Trained Nurses’ Association of  India payable at New Delhi. 

6.    For group dance not more than eight members.

7.    Last date of receiving the duly filled form is October 31, 2017.

8.    One form for each item (group or individual).

9.    Completed form(s) (with signature of the Participants and State SNA Advisor) alongwith entry fee to be sent to the Dy. Secretary-General-cum-SNA Advisor, L-17, Florence Nightingale Lane, Green Park, New Delhi – 110016.                                                                                                                         NOTE: In any group item, each contestant should give his/her name & address in the entry form, for issuing merit certificates.


C. Agenda Items

All the State SNA Advisors are requested to send the agenda items to the National SNA Advisor after discussing with the Branch President and Secretary.  The agenda items should have only issues of national level.  State SNA Advisors who are sending agenda items should be present during the General Committee meeting with adequate information related to the agenda items. Otherwise the agenda will not be discussed at the meeting. The Agenda items from the State SNA Advisors should reach TNAI Headquarters by October 31, 2017.

D. SNA Biennial Reports

Each Branch is expected to present the State SNA Biennial Report during the Business Session. The Branch report should be presented briefly through power point presentation; every state shall be given 5minutes to present the report. Soft copy and hard copy of the report to be sent to TNAI Headquarters by October 31, 2017.

Note: The branches who send the State SNA Biennial report to the Headquarters are only allowed to present State Branch report during the Conference.

State SNA Biennial Best Performance Award

The SNA State performance is also evaluated at the national level for selecting the Best SNA Branch. State SNA Biennial Best Performance Award is given based on the State SNA Biennial Report.  In this regard we would be sending a specific proforma, which is to be duly filled and send back to the TNAI Headquarters by October 31, 2017.

E. SNA Unit Obtaining Maximum Prizes at the Biennial Conference

This award is given to the SNA Unit, which receives the maximum number of prizes for the various competitions held during the SNA Conference.

a.    Group Items

           First Prize : 10 Points

Second Prize : 7 Points 

Third Prize : 5 Points


b.    Individual Items

First Prize : 5 Points

Second Prize : 3 Points

Third Prize : 1 Point


The unit receiving the maximum number of points will be considered as a winner.


F. Executive / Council decisions Minute No. EC/CL/2016/6


1. The Student Nurses those who paid the SNA Subscription fees are only eligible to get SNA to TNAI membership fee concession i.e. they required to pay only Rs. 2200/-. For Schools/Colleges not having SNA unit and not paying the SNA Subscription fee, the SNA to TNAI membership fee is Rs. 3600/-.


2.            In order to participate in the State level SNA Conference the respective schools and colleges should have a SNA unit and the SNA Subscription fee to be paid regularly at the National level.


3.      To avail SNA/TNAI scholarship the respective schools and colleges of nursing should have active SNA unit.


Please note that SNA units who have not paid subscription (of the current year) remain lapsed. These lapsed SNA Units cannot participate at the National SNA Conference. Therefore, State SNA Advisors, Principals, faculties and SNA Unit Advisors are requested to do the needful at the earliest.


The New SNA to TNAI Membership Plan is applicable from 2016-2017 academic year onwards.


The new membership plan has been accepted by most of the SNA units i.e. a student opting for the new Membership Plan has to pay just a lump sum Rs. 2000/- at the time of admission (inclusive of SNA subscription for 4 years, Scholarship Fund and SNA to TNAI Membership fee) and he/she shall become a full TNAI Member once after their completion of the course.


The ANM students are required to pay Rs. 1000/- at the time of admission inclusive of SNA subscription for 2 years, scholarship fund and SNA to Associate membership of TNAI.


Old membership plan (for 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year students)


Under the existing rules, at the time of becoming SNA member the student pay Rs.150/- per year plus Rs. 50/- (towards Scholarship Fund) for 1st year, and Rs. 150/- yearly for II, III, and IV years. Again, after completion of the course he /she is required to pay the TNAI Membership fee of Rs. 2200/- to become SNA to TNAI member.


The Institutions are free to choose either of the membership plans.


The last day for receiving the subscription fee for this academic year (2016 - 2017) is 31 August 2017. We urge all the units to enrol the students to become a member of SNA.


Best wishes for your efforts in the forthcoming SNA Conference.


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Mrs Evelyn P. Kannan

Secretary-General, TNAI