Title : TNAI starts Nurses Welfare Grants and Lifetime Achievement award for nurses

The Trained Nurses Association of India starts Nurses Welfare Grants (Medical Assistance/Critical illness Assistance and Life time Achievement award for nurses.

Application form for Medical Assistance for Nurses.

Application form for Life Time Achievement Award for Nurses.


About TNAI

TNAI is a National Nursing Organization.  It was established in 1908.

Objectives this organisation is:  Upholding every way the Dignity and honour of the nursing profession Promoting a sense of espirit de corps among all nurses and to advance professional, educational, economic and general welfare of nurses.  Function of this organisation is: To enunciate standards of Nursing Education and implement these through appropriate channels, To establish standards and qualifications for nursing practice, To enunciate standards of Nursing Service and implement these through appropriate channels, To establish a code of ethical conduct for practitioners, to stimulate and promote research designed to enhance, to stimulate and promote research designed to enhance the knowledge for evidence-based nursing practice etc

The other benefits of this organisation is: 

Welfare Activities

  1. Medical Assistance
  2. Scholarship for SNA/ TNAI Members
  3. Critical Care Assistance
  4. Nurses Welfare Grant
  5. Disaster Relief Fund
  6. Free Recruitment to Nursing Jobs in European Countries
  7. One set of TNAI Publications to every SNA Units
  8. Railway Concession
  9. Guest House Facility

Educational Activities

  1. International Training Centre for American Heart Association (AHA) approved Courses.
  2. MoHFW Approved Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health + Adolescence Training Centre (RMNCH+A).
  3. Regular Continuing Education Programme
  4. Presentation of Scientific Papers during the Biennial SNA/ TNAI conference 
  5. Publication of article in NJI and TNAI Bulletin
  6. Conducting research on Health related issues.


  1. Life Time Achievement Award from TNAI Members
  2. Cash Award for Best SNA Units   
  3. Incentive for TNAI- Life Membership Motivators

Policy making with State and Central Govt.

  1. Addressing the issues of Nurses at State, National and International Level
  2. Writing of Central Pay Commission recommendations.
  3. Addressing salary and service condition of nursing working in the private and govt. sector.
  4. Advisory board member on various MoHFW committees.