Title : TNAI National Skills Lab-DAKSH


TNAI National Skills Lab-DAKSH


Introduction: Centre for Maternal Newborn Health (CMNH), Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), in collaboration with Government of India has established a skills lab at TNAI’s Greater Noida campus in collaboration with TNAI on 31st December 2014. This skill lab has been operationalized since 2015.

Aims of Program: To reduce maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity by increasing availability and improving the quality of Skilled Birth Attendance (SBA) and Emergency Obstetric and New-born Care (EmONC).


·        Facilitate acquisition/ reinforcement of key standardized technical skills and knowledge by service providers for RMNCH+A services.

?  Improve the quality of pre-service training.

?  Provide continuing Nursing education / continuing medical education.

Skills Lab:


TNAI skill Lab


A Lab comprising of skill stations where the trainees learn through practicing skills on mannequins, simulation exercises, drills, demonstrations, role plays, videos and presentations.                           

A skills lab is a simulation centre that enables health care providers to improve their skills until they are confident of performing them independently. Use of simulation training in Obstetrics has shown to improve knowledge, skills and confidence of health care providers in managing complications during pregnancy and child birth. It also promotes collective learning and building a team spirit between doctors and nurses to deal effectively during obstetric emergency situations requiring life support interventions. The lab provides integration of pre service and in-service candidates thus promoting standardisation of protocols.

Schedule of Training

Ø  Skills Lab training is a six day training in RMNCH+A Programme for a batch of 16.

Ø   It is designed to improve the quality of knowledge and skills of health care providers.

Ø  The six days training is divided into:

  1. Assessment of skills and knowledge of the    participants - pre and post training
  2. Demonstration and Knowledge session
  3. Demonstration of steps by Trainers on mannequins / equipments at skill stations as per the standardized checklist
  4. Followed by practicing of skills by the trainees under   supervision of the trainers
  5. Every station with checklist for stepwise performance
  6. The participants are given certificates on successful    completion of the training based on competence.

Fee Structures for RMNCH+A

Accommodation charges:

TNAI Members:             

Rs. 2200/-

TNAI Members:         

Rs. 500/ Day/ Person

Non TNAI Members:     

Rs. 2500/-

Non TNAI Members: 

Rs. 800/Day/ Person

Note: Food served on actual cost (Rs. 150 + GST Extra) per prior order.