Title : Nurse killed 20 patients by poisoning For Peace in the shift

Nurse killed 20 patients by poisoning For Peace in the shift.



Patients are like doctors in the hands of those nurses who make their service day in night. Many nurses have worked for several hours in a state of emergency, such as wars, earthquakes, and created a great image of nurses all over the world. However, a Japanese nurse has worked to defame this great field.

A Nurse posted in a hospital in Japan is accused of killing 20 patients over Amumo Kobuki. A 31-year-old nurse named Ayumi Kobuki, who was posted at Oguchi Hospital, 32 km away from Tokyo, has alleged that she killed 20 people by poisoning her.

It is alleged that during the 2016, Ayumi Kobuki injected antiseptic solution in the drip of elderly patients.

According to the Japan Police, Ayumi Kobuki has accepted his crime. According to Ayumi Kobuchi, the patients were sleeping so that their death was in the shift of other nurses, not her. That's because he was hesitant to report the death of his relatives to relatives of the patients. Those nurses in Oghuchi Hospital had to speak to relatives who were on duty at the time of the patient's death. The police started investigating at the time when a nurse saw bubbles in his drip after a 88 year old patient Nabu Yamaki died in September 2016. Being bubbles means that the drip bag has been tampered with. Later, doctors found a large number of antiseptic solutions in Yamachi's blood and came to the conclusion that it was poisoned.

At the same time 88-year-old patients were also autopsy. The same antiseptic solution found in that patient's blood. After this the police started investigation. After that, the police got the fraction of this antiseptic solution in the body of two more patients. At the same time, the police received 10 unused and drip bags from the common rooms of nurses, in which the solution was put. When the police examined the uniforms of all the nurses, then only the pieces of that solution were found in Kobuki's clothes.

After being arrested, Kobuki has accepted the charge of killing 20 people, but he said that he only targeted the elderly and the very sick patients. However, the police suspect his confession because many of the patients killed during this period were not much ill.

After receiving a nurse degree in 2008, the accused Kobuki worked in several hospitals. Kobuchi was working in Ochukhi Hospital from May 2015. Kobuchi was considered to be a good employee, although the floor on which he was deployed, there were strange phenomena before the deaths started. As if the clothes of nurses were torn off, then something was mixed in the drink. However, after the commencement of the deaths in August 2016, these incidents were closed. In June, Kobuki left the hospital.