Title : Nominations for National Florence Nightingale Nurses Award 2021

 Nominations for National Florence Nightingale Nurses Award 2021


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As all are aware, National Florence Nightingale Nurses Awards are given as a mark of recognition for the meritorious services rendered by Nursing Professional in the country. This award is presented on 12th of May every year on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale. The next award ceremony to be held on 12th May 2021.

The award is given to outstanding Nursing personnel employed in central, State/UTs, Private, Missionary and Voluntary Organizations. The award consists of Cash Award of Rs. 50000/-, a certificate and a Medal. Apart from the Nursing Personnel working in the State, Central, Autonomous institutions, the Nursing Personnel working in Private, Missionary and Voluntary Organizations are also eligible for the National Florence Nightingale Nurses Award and their application may also be forwarded after considering it in State Level Selection Committee in accordance with the laid down procedure, subject to their fulfilling the requirement.

Selection criteria, applications form, instruction for preparing the resume of the nominee, composition of the State Level Selection Committee and procedure for selection of nominees for the award mentioned below.

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