Title : A Good Nurse Leader Has These Attitudes


A Good Nurse Leader Has These Attitudes



Always, a good leader is described as selfless, making the people around them succeed for what they do best. Their major concern is for the wellbeing of other people while setting aside or delaying their own progress.


A good nurse leader possesses these traits and attitudes:

  1. 1.       Fair to each and everyone, treating every individual with the same level of respect.

    2.      Confident and strong, especially when the time needs them to be.

    3.      Good role model, in every aspect of it.

    4.      Calm and cool, even when under so much pressure and complicated situations.

    5.      Open-minded and innovative, accepts ideas and suggestions applicable from nursing staff.

    6.      Supports staff and fight for what is right.

    7.      Always has the high energy and spirit that affects the staff for a more productive shift.

    8.      Makes each and every nurse feel good and important.

    9.      Has no pride at all.

    10.   Bear the emotional intelligence to assess each situation first from every angle before giving the judgement.