Title : 8 Drugs that every ICU Nurses needs to know

 8 Drugs that every ICU Nurses needs to know


The list below are the eight (8) most common drugs that are frequently used in emergency situations. It is very important that you know and understand what these drugs are and when to use it.


1.    Adenosine
An endogenous nucleoside, slows conduction down through the AV node. Treats tachycardia. Extremely short half life- <10 seconds.

2.    Amiodarone
Antiarrhythmic that effects the sodium, potassium, and calcium channels.Vasodilates. Used in V tach, V fib, and sinus tachycardia.

3.    Atropine
Anticholinergic, enhances the conduction in the AV nodes. Drug of choice in treating bradycardia.

4.    Epinephrine
Potent catecholamine. Increases heart rate, blood pressure. Used to treat Asystole, V tach, V fib, bradycardia.

5.    Lidocaine
Antiarrhythmic use alternatively to Amiodarone. Treats V fib, and V tach,

6.    Procainamide
Antiarrhthmia, This is used to treat sustained V Tach.

7.    Sotalol
Beta Blocker. Treats A fib or A flutter.

8.    Vasopressin
Synthetic antiarrhythmia. Used to treat asystole, v tach, v fib.


Source: Nurses Crib.